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A power MOS transistor, including source, drain, and gate electrodes, comprises a substrate of a semiconductor material of one conductivity type having first and second opposed surfaces; a drain region extending through the substrate between the surfaces; a plurality of spaced body regions of the op ...

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A monolithic semiconductor device comprises a VDMOS transistor having first and second main electrodes and a control electrode, and a lateral MOSFET having first and second main electrodes and a control electrode, wherein one of the first and second electrodes of the lateral MOSFET has a lower dopin ...

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A method for forming a shielded gate field effect transistor includes the following steps. Trenches extending into a silicon region are formed using a mask that includes a protective layer. A shield dielectric layer lining sidewalls and bottom of each trench is formed. A shield electrode is formed i ...

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In a power FET composed of a substrate having upper and lower surfaces, the FET providing a current flow path between the upper and lower surfaces, and the FET having a plurality of drain regions extending to the substrate upper surface and an insulated gate electrode disposed on the upper surface, ...

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A charge balance semiconductor power device comprises an active area having strips of p pillars and strips of n pillars arranged in an alternating manner, the strips of p and n pillars extending along a length of the active area. A non-active perimeter region surrounds the active area, and includes ...

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An IGBT has a thick buffer region with increased doping to improve self-clamped inductive switching and device manufacture. A planar or trench gate IGBT has a buffer layer more than 25 microns thick. The buffer layer is doped high enough so that its carriers are more numerous than minority carriers, ...

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A field effect transistor is formed as follows. Trenches are formed in a semiconductor region of a first conductivity type. Each trench is partially filled with one or more materials. A dual-pass angled implant is carried out to implant dopants of a second conductivity type into the semiconductor re ...

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An integrated circuit die includes an active area having source dopants and contacts. An active area metal layer overlies the active area. A sense area is disposed on the die. A sense area metal layer overlies the sense area. A plurality of polysilicon gate stripes, polysilicon openings, and body st ...

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Exemplary power semiconductor devices with features providing increased breakdown voltage and other benefits are disclosed.

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A quick punch-through integrated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) includes a drift region and a gate. The drift region has a drift region dopant concentration and a drift region thickness. The gate has a gate capacitance. The drift region dopant concentration, drift region thickness and gate capacitan ...