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A batch polymerization process controller using inferential sensing to determine the integral reaction heat which in turn is used to indicate the degree of polymerization of the reaction mixture batch. The system uses a reaction temperature compared with a desired temperature, and the result is used ...

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A grid lining of chambers of a glass melting furnace comprises a plurality of refractory bricks, each brick having a bottom surface, a top surface, a longitudinal axis extending between the surfaces, a through passage of tetragonal cross-section coaxial with the longitudinal axis, the passage having ...

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A process for the manufacture of artificial leather which has a napped, suede or nubuck surface finish by contacting a natural, synthetic of semi-synthetic backing member with a polymeric system comprising a mixture of a heat-reactive latex and a carboxylated latex and which contains at least one dy ...

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The artificial leather of the invention comprises a fibrous sheet material having on the surface thereof a coating formed of at least two layers of polyurethane elastomer with the elasticity modulus E of the layer of the polyurethane elastomer adjacent to the fibrous sheet being lower than the elast ...

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This invention relates to a coating composition which is a mixture of an elastomeric material and a homopolymeric material alone or in admixture with a copolymeric material, the coating having good microporous properties and agreeable "hand" and pliability.

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A checkerwork in a horizontal regenerator chamber of a regeneratively fired furnace, comprising an array of horizontally and vertically adjacent hollow prismatic bricks of refractory material, the bricks being arrayed in horizontal and vertical rows, and each brick having a horizontally extending lo ...


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Coal gasifiers for the production of reducing gas are protected--at least in parts--by a refractory lining of unburned, carbonaceous magnesia bricks having a carbon content of 5 to 30 percent by weight. The component of these magnesia bricks consisting of sinter and/or fused magnesia suitably has a ...