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In a contactless charging system charging energy is transferred across an inductive coupler to charge a battery (

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A battery unit charger system is provided which includes a charger (110) for supplying charge current and a battery (120) having a memory (122) for storing battery-related information. The charger (110) includes a controller which exchanges the battery-related information with the memory (122) and i ...

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A battery charger system (100) is provided which includes a charger (110) for supplying charge current and voltage and a battery (120) having a memory (122) for storing charge parameters. The charge parameters comprise battery related information instructing for battery charging. The battery related ...

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An energy storage system (10) including a first energy storage device (12), such as a secondary or rechargeable battery, and a second energy storage device (14), such as a capacitor, fuel cell, or flywheel. The second energy storage device provides intermittent energy bursts to satisfy the power req ...

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Systems and methods are disclosed for a full duplex wideband communications system for a local (e.g. in-home) coaxial network. The system employs a Frequency-division duplex (FDD) scheme that allows identical wideband modems to communicate with each other. To achieve this, the wideband modems contai ...

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A battery charging system (10) includes a charging path (50) for charging batteries (14) which have a variety of different charging parameters requiring different optimum charging algorithms (58). The battery charging system (10) comprises a charging algorithm sensing circuit (30). At least one batt ...

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A battery pack (10) includes at least one battery cell (16) and a current interrupt device (18) adapted to protect said cells from damage during charging or discharge. The battery pack (10) is further adapted to be recharged at extremely fast recharge rates via the use of a bypass switch (20) which ...

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A battery pack 12 for powering a device 14 sensitive to input voltage contains a protection switch 28 and a control circuit 26. When the battery pack 12 is charged by a charger 10 and the voltage of the battery pack approaches the maximum safe level of the device 14, the control circuit 26 causes th ...

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An apparatus and operating system to be used by a paraplegic or other crippled person has a patient-supporting walker of stable construction, braces extending entirely along the user's legs, a body-supported pneumatic system for alternately moving the legs in a pre-determined manner, and user-operat ...

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An undervoltage recovery pulse network (500) and method used with a lithium ion battery system (400) for providing a initiation voltage to a battery controller (503) which has been operationally disabled due to an event associated with the lithium ion battery system (400). The undervoltage recovery ...