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Cementing compositions and methods of using such compositions in oil, gas and water well cementing operations to reduce fluid loss from the composition to the formation are disclosed. Such compositions incorporate a terpolymer formed from (a) an acid monomer selected from the group consisting of 2-a ...

Jose L Villa: Curing liquid polyurethane prepolymers. Thiokol Corporation, Stanley A Marcus, August 17, 1976: US03975316 (22 worldwide citation)

Liquid isocyanate-terminated polyurethane prepolymers are cured by mixing them with about 5% to 200% by weight, preferably 10% to 100% by weight, based on the weight of prepolymer, of an aqueous colloidal dispersion selected from aqueous alkali metal silicates containing from about 20% to 60% solids ...

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The invention is a cement, water containing composition containing an organic polyglycoside. The composition has at least one of an increased air entraining capacity, a reduced viscosity and a retarded setting time.

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Imidazoline quaternary salts are added to oil slurries of solid particulate carbonaceous material such as a coal oil mixture (COM) or a coke oil mixture to stabilize the slurry during storage and dispensing at various temperatures. The imidazoline quaternary salts are added to either the oil or slur ...

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Water soluble polymer compositions containing polyacrylic acid and copolymer of itaconic acid and acrylamide are useful as combined dispersant and fluid loss control additives for aqueous drilling fluids, particularly fresh water, gypsum and seawater muds. An example is a polymer composition contain ...

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Copolymers of (1) from about 80% to about 98% by weight of acrylic acid and (2) from about 2% to about 20% by weight of itaconic acid and having a weight average molecular weight of between about 100,000 to about 800,000 and which are at least water dispersible are useful as retention aids for paper ...

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Addition of zinc naphthaleneformaldehyde sulfonate to concrete mix improves compressive strength. This sulfonate is effective in concrete mixes prepared with Type I, II and III cements.

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Polysulfide polymers modified with epoxy groups are effective as adhesive additives for liquid polysulfide polymer based compositions used as sealants or bonding agents on various substrates such as glass or aluminum.

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Curable liquid polymers selected from mercaptan-terminated polysulfide polymers, polyepoxides and oganosilicon polymers are extended by mixing therewith, prior to curing 10% to 200% by weight, based on the weight of liquid polymer, of an aqueous colloidal dispersion selected from aqueous alkali meta ...

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Additives for cementitious compositions which are mixtures of (1) salts such as the sodium salt of a condensation product of naphthalenesulfonic acid and formaldehyde and (2) zinc salts increase compressive strengths and reduce water contents of hardened cementitious compositions. Useful additives i ...