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An optical wavefront modifier modifies a wavefront of an optical beam passing through the modifier. The modifier comprises a first and a second transparent electrode layer and a flat medium for modifying the wavefront depending on electrical excitation of the medium and arranged between the electrod ...



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In an optical unit for scanning an information plane having a track structure by means of a scanning spot, which unit is provided with a pivotable mirror for fast movement of the scanning spot perpendicular to the track direction, the angular position of the mirror is determined by means of a flat w ...

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An optical scanning device scans optical record carriers, such as three optical record carriers, where each optical record carrier has an information layer having a depth which is different from the information layer depth of other optical record carriers, where d3

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An optical scanning device for scanning an optical record carrier includes a radiation source and a beam splitter arranged to pass a first portion of the source beam to the record carrier, and a second portion to an intensity sensor. A signal detector is arranged in the path of the beam reflected by ...



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A power supplying device is provided for providing electrical power to a power receiving device, the power supplying device comprising two plates, two electrode structures being arranged to be coupled to an AC power source and at least one power transmitter. Each electrode structure is attached to o ...

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The invention relates to an optical scanning device for scanning in a first mode a first information layer (111) of an information carrier and in a second mode a second information layer (112) of the information carrier. The optical scanning device comprises a radiation source (101) for generating a ...