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A system and method for avoiding a single point of failure in the broadcast of streaming data. The system uses multiple redundant servers steaming the exactly same data to a failover device. The failover device buffers the steams into a primary and secondary data stream and automatically switches fr ...

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Disclosed are an apparatus and method of surround wave field synthesizing a multi-channel signal excluding sound image localization information. A wave field synthesis and reproduction apparatus may include a signal classification unit to classify an inputted multi-channel signal into a primary sign ...

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An optical fiber for maximizing residual mechanical stress and an optical fiber grating fabricating method using the optical fiber are provided. The optical fiber includes a core formed of silica, for propagating light, and a cladding formed of boron-doped silica, surrounding the core. Alternatively ...

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There are provided an optical fiber rod overcladding apparatus and method, and an optical fiber drawing method. In the preform rod overcladding method, a preform rod is clamped in a top chuck and leveled, and a glass tube is mounted in a bottom chuck and leveled. The preform rod is coaxially inserte ...

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Disclosed is a contents search system and method for providing reliable search results. In the method, search results are identified by searching contents for information that pertains to a query word inputted from a user via the network are searched. Then, a degree of reliability of the search resu ...

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A condenser microphone and a method of mounting a condenser microphone on a main PCB are provided. The method includes assembling the condenser microphone by assembling elements of the condenser microphone such that a vibration plate including a diaphragm and a backplate is directed toward an opened ...

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An erbium-doped optical fiber (EDF) and a fabricating method thereof The erbium-doped optical fiber has a core formed by substantially doping silica with erbium and having gratings formed therein at a predetermined period, for propagating light therethrough, and a cladding surrounding the core and h ...

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A zirconia material resistant to low temperature degradation and process for manufacturing thereof includes heat treating zirconia material or zirconia composite material at 1200.degree.-1700.degree. C. in the presence of nitrogen source.

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A surface mounted device (SMD) type biased condenser microphone includes two terminals for a surface mounting process. The SMD type biased condenser microphone includes a grounding terminal for connecting with an external circuit, a diaphragm/backplate set, one end of which is connected to the groun ...

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There is provided a device and method for forming optical fiber anti-symmetric long period gratings by microbending. In the optical fiber grating forming device, a laser system emits a CO