Seung Beom Baek, Bo Min Park, Young Ho Lee, Jong Chul Lee: Method for fabricating semiconductor device. SK Hynix, IP & T Group, December 30, 2014: US08921208

A method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming a first insulating layer in a first area of the semiconductor substrate, lowering a height of the semiconductor substrate in a second area and a height of the first insulating layer in the first area, selectively forming a sacrificial ...

Jong Chul Lee, Ja Chun Ku, Sung Kyu Min, Byung Jick Cho, Seung Beom Baek, Hyo June Kim, Won Ki Ju, Hyun Kyu Kim: Electronic device and method for fabricating the same. SK HYNIX, August 11, 2015: US09105840

According to embodiments, a semiconductor memory may include: a variable resistance pattern disposed over a substrate and extended in a first direction; first and second structures including a plurality of interlayer dielectric layers and a plurality of conductive layers which are alternately stacke ...

Jin Ku Lee, Min Yong Lee, Jong Chul Lee: Phase-change random access memory and method of manufacturing the same. SK Hynix, IP & T Group, December 2, 2014: US08901528

A PCRAM device and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The PCRAM device includes a semiconductor substrate, and a PN diode formed on the semiconductor substrate and including a layer interposed therein to suppress thermal diffusion of ions.

Eunhae Koo, Sung ho Yoon, Jong chul Lee, Jong hee Kim: Nanohybrid nitrogen monoxide detecting sensor and a production method therefor. Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, Levenfeld Pearlstein, November 25, 2014: US08895319

The present invention provides a nanohybrid type nitrogen monoxide detecting sensor and a production method therefor in which the nanohybrid type nitrogen monoxide detecting sensor includes a fluorescent semiconducting quantum dot and a transition metal compound. Employing a nanohybrid structure inc ...

Min Yong Lee, Young Ho Lee, Seung Beom Baek, Jong Chul Lee: Resistive memory device and fabrication method thereof. SK Hynix, IP & T Group, March 17, 2015: US08980683

A resistive memory device and a fabrication method thereof are provided. The resistive memory device includes a variable resistive layer formed on a semiconductor substrate in which a bottom structure is formed, a lower electrode formed on the variable resistive layer, a switching unit formed on the ...

Jong Chul Lee, Jae Sun Lee, Ki Byoung Kim, Tae Soon Yun, Sang Gun Lee, Nam Young Kim, Jong Heon Kim, Byung Je Lee, Bub Sang Yun, Kuk Hwan Ra, Youn Joo Lee, Sun Won Hong: SMA connector. Mission Technology, Kwangwoon University Industry Academic Collaboration Foundation, The Farrell Law Firm PC, December 30, 2008: US07471168

The present invention discloses to an SMA connector, a preferable embodiment of which comprises a body acting as ground, a central conductor existing in the inner part of the ground, an insulator with a predetermined dielectric constant existing between the body and the central conductor, a first st ...

Jong Chul Lee: Hydroponic device for plant cultivation. Jong Chul Lee, LU NING, September 20, 1995: CN94104317

A hydroponic device comprises a reservoir for containing culture fluid therein, one or more cultivation beds placed on the reservoir one above the other, a conduit extending vertically upwardly from the reservoir up to an uppermost cultivation bed and a fluid pump mounted on the reservoir for forced ...

Jong Chul Lee: Gel-form lipstick. Foley And Lardner, December 16, 2004: US20040253035-A1

Disclosed herein is a gel-form lipstick dispenser which may discharge gel-form lipstick materials with very high viscosity safely.

Byeong Kuk Lee, Jong Chul Lee: Device and method for displaying a screen in a wireless terminal. Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman, February 10, 2005: US20050030282-A1

A device and method for displaying a screen in a wireless terminal are provided. The device and method comprise a display section for displaying input data, the display section including a first display section and a second display section, a display drive section having an address region for the fi ...

Jong Chul Lee: Process for manufacture of womens elastic free size winter shirts. Eugene Oak PhD JD, March 6, 2003: US20030041425-A1

A process for manufacturing women's elastic winter shirts having an omasum inner-wall-like textile structure to render desired elasticity to a shirt. The process of this invention to make the raw material to have the omasum-like textile structure consists of including but not limited to weaving, han ...

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