Joseph Scott Stam, Jon Harold Bechtel, John King Roberts: Control system to automatically dim vehicle head lamps. Gentex Corporation, Brian J Rees, November 17, 1998: US05837994 (406 worldwide citation)

An automatic vehicle head lamp dimming system which includes an optical system and an imaging processing system. The optical system is configured to discriminate between head lamps and tail lamps and focus the light rays from the head lamps and tail lamps on different portions of a pixel sensor arra ...

Jon Harold Bechtel: Insertion integrating controller. Johnson Service Company, Johnson Dienner Emrich & Wagner, March 23, 1976: US03946297 (19 worldwide citation)

A proportional plus integral controller connectable in a conventional proportional control loop of a process control system is selectively operable in a proportional only mode or a proportional plus integral mode in accordance with the positioning of a mode select switch and exhibits substantially b ...

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