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A folding row marker includes first, inner and second, intermediate sections pivotally coupled together, as well as a third, outer section pivotally coupled to a distal end of the second section. A marker disc is disposed on the distal end of the third section and a hydraulic ram pivotally displaces ...

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An agricultural implement, such as a row crop planter, has a main carrier frame drawn by a tractor and including support wheels. Individual row units are mounted on a lift frame. The carrier frame includes a cornered lift post which is mounted for rotation about a vertical axis. A cornered sleeve or ...

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An agricultural planter has a main carrier frame attached to a tractor by an hydraulically actuated telescoping tongue. Individual row units are mounted on a lift frame which in the illustrated embodiment has a center section and left and right wing sections. The wing sections are mounted to the cen ...

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An implement frame convertible between use and transport positions and pulled lengthwise for road transport has an improved hitch assembly and an improved transport steering mechanism.

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An agricultural implement includes an elongated carrier frame with support wheels. One or more tool sections, each having tools mounted to a tool mounting bar, are mounted to the carrier frame. The tool sections are independently raised and lowered between the transport and use positions by hydrauli ...

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A marking element is carried by at least one arm which is pivotally mounted to a short boom. The boom, in turn, is pivotally mounted to the outboard end of a tool bar or planter frame. A single hydraulic ram is used to move the marker between a use position in which the arm extends horizontally so t ...

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A folding marker arm for an agricultural implement includes a swing link and a single hydraulic cylinder pivotally connected between the frame and the swing link. A push/pull link is mounted between the swing link and the marker arm. As the cylinder extends to rotate said marker toward the storage p ...

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A two-wheeled grain cart adapted for pulling by a tractor includes a downwardly tapered lower hopper section with a discharge aperture and a hydraulically controlled, sliding access door. A conveyer having a first inlet end and a second discharge end is coupled to an outer side of the grain cart and ...

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A plurality of plow units are mounted to a main frame of a plow system for rotation about their vertical axes. The plow units are spaced at equal lateral increments and at uniformly increased distances from a pivot connection between the main frame and a traction vehicle. The plow units are ganged t ...

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An agricultural planter having left and right hinged wing sections includes seed storage tanks carried by the planter frame and feeding individual row units, mounted fore and aft of the main toolbar, by flexible conduits. The tanks are mounted to permit the wings to flex independently to follow grou ...