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A container defined by a base and cover, with the cover being formed to fit upon the base. The base and lid are formed so that when fitted together at least one wall of each overlaps a wall of the other. The overlapping walls are formed with an aperture which become aligned when the cover and base a ...

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An apparatus for collecting biological fluids including a specimen vial, in which a funnel is inserted, held in a substantially upright position in a base which has a detachable wall that houses and holds a vial cap and which lid is grippable to be used to secure and/or unsecure the cap to and/or fr ...

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An inoculating device having an inoculating loop, an improved streaking portion and a picker. The device is constructed of high impact polystyrene material which is injection molded to form a long thin member. One end of the device comprises a loop. The other end of the device forms a head having a ...

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A device for retaining at least two specimen collecting tubes in a preselected spaced relationship includes an elongate structure having first and second arm portions joined by a flexible hinge portion, each of the arm portions defining a first surface engageable with a first tube and a second surfa ...

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A vial assembly useful in conducting tests which involve charcoal adsorption from fluid and centrifugal separation thereof, and which is particularly useful in radioimmunoassay. The assembly includes a vial, a cap therefor and activated charcoal in the cap. The cap defines a compartment in communica ...

Johnson N S Wong: Microtitration tray. Evergreen, Fulbright & Jaworski, July 13, 1999: US05922289 (14 worldwide citation)

A microtitration tray for carrying a plurality of frangibly-collected multi-well linear strips in circular apertures therefore, in which the effective diameter of the aperture is reduced by a plurality of symmetrically projecting protuberances, such as ribs, so as frictionally retain the wells in th ...

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A collecting apparatus for the collection of pinworm eggs incorporates a shaft surrounded by an adhesive strip. A tab is disposed at the free end of the adhesive strip. The shaft is attached to a gripping member by a connecting member.

Johnson N S Wong: Oral fluid collector. Berliner & Associates, June 25, 2013: US08470268 (5 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for collecting oral fluid, comprising a vial formed with an inner specimen receptacle for receiving the oral fluid. The open top of the vial is cylindrical and formed with threads on a portion of its outer surface adjacent its open top. The specimen receptacle is disposed within the via ...

Johnson N S Wong: Tamper evident vial cap and integrity assurance method. Evergreen, Fulbright & Jaworski, August 23, 2005: US06931821 (3 worldwide citation)

A tamper evident cap assembly, more particularly a combination of vial and cap assembly, assures the integrity of a specimen and of the specimen collection process. The screw cap is locked to the screw threads of a vial, when the vial is empty, with one of two latches that are integral to the cap as ...

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A gauge for validating the inner diameter and thickness of a calibrated loop. The gauge preferably has a long handle, a cylindrical member at each end of the handle and a slot at each end of the handle. The cylindrical members have slightly different outside diameters for attempted insertion into th ...