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A method of treating pain which comprises the administration to a patient of a parenterally or sublingually effective dose of buprenorphine together with an amount of naloxone sufficient to prevent substitution in an opiate dependent subject. Preferably when the administration is parenteral the weig ...

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The specification discloses a dental syringe having a head, a tip and a releasable coupling mounted on the head. The head and tip have a corresponding number of fluid passages therethrough. The coupling includes a cylindrical base and a lock nut which screws over the base. The base and the lock nut ...

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A wafer lift assembly including an RF shunt is provided. An insulating rim is connected to a powered lift cylinder via a conductive screw. The head of the screw is recessed below a top surface of the rim. A cover is arranged over top of the rim and screw. The RF shunt is a layer of conductive materi ...

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An analgesic composition in parenteral or sublingual unit dosage form comprising an active dose of buprenorphine and an amount of naltrexone sufficient to prove aversive to a narcotic addict by parenteral administration but insufficient to compromise the analgesic action of the buprenorphine.

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A pharmaceutical composition in sublingual unit dosage form for maintenance treatment of opiate addicts comprising from 2 to 8 mg buprenorphine and an amount of naltrexone sufficient to substantially attenuate the euphorigenic effect of the buprenorphine when injected and to provide greater opiate b ...

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The invention is a machine and method for opening a filled bag and emptying the contents of the bag. A bag filled with a solid material is guided into a space between a pair of rotating drums, in which there are several rows of rigid spikes fastened to each drum. The spikes extend through the drum w ...

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An improved reactive ion plasma etching apparatus having an improved electrode, for holding the product, such as a semiconductor wafer, to be etched, provided with a plurality of apertures into which different tailored product holders are inserted so as to alter the plasma over each holder and provi ...

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Novel derivatives of morphine having the general formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3, R.sup.4, R.sup.5 and R.sup.6 are certain specified values, and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts.

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A dental patient chair having support arms extending from a chair back above and alongside a chair seat and latch means operable by a user to release the support arm from a locked first use position or a locked second out-of-the-way position for movement between said positions.

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A door frame with a substantially continuous sealing surface supports a door with a substantially continuous sealing member mounted thereon. A stepped U-shaped frame member has an opening at one end that is closed with a square-cut member, such as a threshold. The frame, threshold and hinges mounted ...