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A container having a unique two chamber construction provides for the passive mixing of two supply solutions having different specific gravities into a single homogenous solution in a closed environment. The container includes means for a positive test that a single homogenous solution has been achi ...

Stephen B Kaufman, John W Hart, Richard Chamernik: Container for mixing a liquid and a solid. Baxter Travenol Laboratories, John P Kirby Jr, Garrettson Ellis, Bradford R L Price, November 27, 1984: US04484920 (97 worldwide citation)

A container adapted for the mixing of a liquid and a solid initially placed in separate compartments. The compartment containing the solid has two access ports so liquid can pass through the compartment carrying the solid with it for better mixing.

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An aerosol package containing a foam-forming, oil-in-water emulsion and a propellant system consisting essentially of nitrous oxide and a liquefied, normally gaseous hydrocarbon or halogenated hydrocarbon is described. The emulsion upon being dispensed is a unique, rich, shiny, creamy foam having go ...

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A motion simulator for simulating the working characteristics of motion vehicles is based on the synergistic `six degrees of freedom` system. The apparatus of the simulator comprises a main frame 10 mounted on three pairs of extensible and retractable legs 11 by means of a corresponding number of un ...

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A semiconductor component includes a leadframe (10), an electronic component (21) mounted over the leadframe (10), a packaging material (23) around the electronic component (21) and the leadframe (10) wherein the packaging material has a recess (24), another electronic component (30) in the recess ( ...

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A semiconductor sensor (10) is built into a cable connector to provide rapid and reliable attachment of the semiconductor sensor (10) into a monitoring or control system. The sensor (10) is mounted in a package (11) having cable connector leads (12, 13, 14) extending through the package (11). The se ...

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A package assembly (70) for encapsulating and vertically surface mounting a semiconductor device such as an accelerometer includes a semiconductor device (40), a package (44) enclosing the semiconductor device, and a plurality of leads (16, 18) protruding from the package. The plurality of leads are ...

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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for reducing the level of noise emitted by air turbine machinery, particularly a pneumatically driven hydraulic pump for an airplane, wherein a modulating valve meters the flow of air from a source of pressurized air through a conduit to an air turbine to control ...


John W Hart II, John Z Chen, Yun Feng Dong, Antoine Cote, Tao Shen Hu, Wenhui Zhu, Paul J Yuknewicz: Rendering a customized list of controls. Microsoft Corporation, December 13, 2011: US08078992 (1 worldwide citation)

Form controls can be reused so that the control can be bound to large volumes of data without adverse performance issues because of a large number of controls. A maximum number of rows of data N that can appear in a form are calculated. A container in memory is created for N+2 rows. The additional t ...