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Method and therapeutic system in the form of a bandage that administer scopolamine base transdermally in an initial pulse of 10 to 200 .mu.g/cm.sup.2 of skin that quickly brings the concentration of scopolamine in the plasma to a level at which emesis and nausea are inhibited without intolerable sid ...

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A contingent dosing device which actively controls the pattern in which doses of one or more pharmaceutical preparations are administered to a patient. The device is programmed with information concerning an initial dosing regimen, and monitors deviations from that regimen. Based on the acceptabilit ...

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A sleeve shaped structure covers a portion of the transport area of a diffusional or osmotic delivery device. The structure is durable and inert to the use environment. Markings on the structure indicate where breaking or cutting will produce a predictable alteration in delivery rate. Among other at ...

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A delivery device is disclosed for delivering a beneficial drug to a biological environment of use. The device comprises a hydrogel reservoir containing tiny pills. The tiny pills comprise a wall surrounding a drug core.

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A pharmaceutical preparation is provided for oral or anal administration containing, in addition to a selected pharmacologically active agent, at least one magnetic material capable of reacting to an externally acting magnetic field of an electronic monitoring device, so that after administration to ...

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A value in a counter on a processor is incremented for occurrences of a monitored event, providing a measured value for the event. The value of the counter register for a first thread is saved responsive to a switch from the first thread to a second thread. The value is saved in an accumulator in sy ...

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A method for monitoring performance of a program. A periodically occurring event is detected and a stack associated with the program is identified in response to a detection of the periodically occurring event, which may be a timer interrupt. The stack is examined to identify each routine (and speci ...

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Two polygon fill algorithms are presented for filling polygons on a graphics display. The first polygon fill algorithm fills polygons that are strictly convex. The second polygon fill algorithm fills a larger class of polygons than the first polygon fill algorithm which includes polygons being conca ...

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Performance events are counted for a computing system. This includes designating a first processor counter as a low-order counter for counting a certain performance event encountered by the processor and associating with the first counter a second counter as a high-order counter. The first counter i ...