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A network security device which acts as an “airlock” for traffic between a communications device and a network. Data is screened using rules based analysis by the security device to counter various threats, including viruses, phishing, attempts to “hijack” communications, communications with known m ...

Larry Yount, John Todd: Flight control module with integrated spoiler actuator control electronics. Honeywell International, May 13, 2003: US06561463 (50 worldwide citation)

A flight control module with integrated actuator spoiler control electronics, where the flight control functions have been integrated into the integrated modular avionics through the use of a flight control module (“FCM”), the FCM being configured to contain spoiler actuator control electronics (“AC ...

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An Internet customer service system (10) includes a product database (22) storing product data (24,26,28,30) associated with products available to a customer. The system (10) also includes an interface agent database (68) storing available interface agents (80) for interacting with the customer. The ...

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In an aircraft using fly-by-wire technology, the flight control functions have been integrated into the integrated modular avionics (“IMA”). The new flight control module (“FCM”) resides on the same data bus as the other modules in the IMA and receives power from the same power supply. In addition, ...

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The present invention provides a vibration dampening laminate that is lightweight and has superior sound insulation and vibration dampening properties. The vibration dampening laminate comprises a constraining layer, a viscoelastic adhesive layer, a foam spacing layer and a pressure sensitive adhesi ...

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Disclosed is an improvement relating to adhesion of samples onto a surface for nucleic acid hybridization assay to detect a target polynucleotide. In one aspect, the invention provides a method of adhering a tissue, cell or other target polynucleotide-containing sample to a substrate under nucleic a ...

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The invention provides methods, compositions, kits, and systems for the sensitive detection of cardiac troponin. Such methods, compositions, kits, and systems are useful in diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of methods of treatment in conditions that involve release of cardiac troponin.

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Disclosed are methods, kits, and compositions for the highly sensitive detection of molecules. The methods, kits, and compositions are useful in determining concentrations of molecules in samples to levels of 1 femtomolar, 1 attomolar, or lower. The methods, kits, and compositions also allow the det ...

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The present invention is a method that allows controllable devices attached to a vehicle's surface (such as, for example, controllable actuators on an aircraft) to be controlled by a processor or like device in an active-active mode and when a malfunction is detected in one of the controllable ...

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A pneumatic tire which can be operated in a deflated condition without damage to the tire, wherein the tire has a cord ply, a tread, a ply with wire cords in the crown, and thick sidewalls wherein the cord ply extends from the heel of the bead to a location closely adjacent to the outer surface of t ...