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An improved medication dispensing system is provided for controlled preprogrammed dispensing of medication to a patient and for creating a retrievable patient medication record. The system includes a dispensing unit located, for example, at patient bedside within a hospital room or the like and adap ...

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A medicine dispenser includes a container having a lid and a removable compartmentalized tray which can be positioned upon an interior container ledge and held within the container interior immediately beneath the lid when closed. The tray includes a series of apertures dimensioned and positioned on ...

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A medication dispenser station is provided for controlled access to and dispensing of a plurality of different medications. The dispenser station comprises a lockable cabinet containing multiple medication-containing cassettes associated respectively with the different medications and mounted in a v ...

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A tire condition monitoring system includes a monitoring device securely positioned within a tire and in electronic communication with a receiver and a cab mounted visual display. In one embodiment, the monitoring device includes a battery, an inductive pick-up coil, pressure and/or temperature sens ...

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A medication dispenser station is provided for automatic dispensing of medication in accordance with a prescription schedule for a patient. The station receives and supports a plurality of medication-containing cassettes in a vertical stack, with the cassettes having aligned discharge openings defin ...

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The identification device takes the form of a plastic holder worn about a patient's wrist in the manner of a wristwatch. The holder itself has a fluorescent coating on the top surface emitting light. A patient identification card is positioned on this fluorescent surface, the identification card bei ...