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A well is completed by cementing a casing string in place in the well. A jetting tool assembly is run into the casing string on a tubing string. The jetting tool assembly engages a sliding sleeve of a casing valve and slides the sliding sleeve to an open position uncovering a plurality of housing po ...

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A casing valve includes an outer housing with a sliding sleeve. First and second seals define a sealed annulus within the housing. A latch is disposed in the sealed annulus for latching the sliding sleeve in its first and second positions. The housing has a plurality of housing ports defined therein ...

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A sliding sleeve casing tool installed in a casing string comprising a housing, sliding sleeve, seal members and releasable retaining means to retain the sliding sleeve within the desired locations with the housing.

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A wedge lock ring apparatus includes an outer housing having a housing bore with a housing groove defined therein. The housing groove has at least one and preferably has upper and lower housing groove tapered sides. An inner sleeve has a cylindrical outer surface with a sleeve groove defined therein ...

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A device and a method are provided for the hydraulic fracturing of multiple zones in a well bore. A stinger carries a plurality of packers into a well bore. Each packer is separably connected to each adjacent packer. As each packer is sequentially secured in the well bore, the stinger is withdrawn f ...

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A packer apparatus, particularly a cup type casing packer shoe, includes a pressure-actuated closing sleeve and pressure-actuated pumpout seats. An upper pumpout seat moves with the closing sleeve in response to a first pressure so that the closing sleeve closes ports through which fluid is communic ...

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A cup type formation packer shoe is provided to be used in well cementing operations for cementing either casing or tubing in existing casing in a well bore. This packer shoe includes packer cups which are forced into sealing engagement with the existing casing by the cement being displaced into the ...

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Methods and apparatus are described which permit stage cementing within a well bore by means of a well tool which includes a cementer having cementing ports which may be responsively opened and closed by means of a knife gate valve. The knife gate valve is disposed within the housing between outer a ...

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A stage cementer and inflation packer apparatus. The apparatus comprises a mandrel with an external closing sleeve and an operating sleeve interlocked therewith. Below the operating sleeve is an opening sleeve. The opening sleeve is mechanically acutated by a pump-down plug in a plug-operated embodi ...

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A downhole testing apparatus has a modular construction including a pump assembly, a screen assembly, a first packer assembly, an intake port assembly, and a second packer assembly. The pump assembly includes an improved ratchet assembly for opening and closing a relief port of a discharge passage o ...