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Described is an interactive enquiry system in which a complete data base is contained at a host computer. Local terminal sub-systems are remotely connected to the host with each local sub-system containing a local data base. Each local data base is dynamically maintained so that the most frequently ...

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A data processing system is described which issues value documents e.g. tickets or information under the control of output instructions and is designed to prevent a person attempting fraud using an unauthorized program obtaining the value documents or information. The system includes a data processo ...

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The safety device for a needle includes a sheath reception opening provided in a cap retainer member or provided in a hand shield portion of the device. The cap retainer member in one embodiment is joined to the hand shield section and in another embodiment is secured to a pair of legs joined at rig ...

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In a touch sensor, as well as providing touch position data, additional data is provided on the shape of the touch. This is achieved by having sampling nodes on a finer mesh than the size of the actuating object, typically a finger, so each finger touch activates a group of adjacent nodes on the sen ...

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A low temperature alkali metal electrolysis process for carrying out the electrolysis in the presence of a co-electrolyte and an alkali metal halide. The co-electrolyte comprises (1) a nitrogen-containing compound and optionally one ore more Group IB halides, Group IIIA halides, Group VIII halides; ...

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A continuous process is provided for preparing silica microgels using carbon dioxide as a gel initiator at a pressure of at least about 172 kPa (about 25 psig). Consistent performance of microgel can be produced with varying production rates.

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An electrical tab receptacle for mating with a complementary tab is provided with an integral tongue having a lance whereby the receptacle can be releasably secured to the tab, the tongue being resiliently depressible by means of a finger, a tool, or part of a housing containing the receptacle, to r ...

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Silica deposits formed during a continuous process for preparing polysilicate microgel are removed and purged form the process by elastically deforming the vessel walls, reducing plugging.

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An electrical terminal comprises a forward receptacle portion for mating with a tab. The receptacle portion as a pair of spaced opposed side walls connected by a contact spring support base and a contact spring joined to the forward end of the support base by a forwardly bowed bight. The contact spr ...