John S Doyel: Food processing unit. Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, July 15, 1980: US04212431 (84 worldwide citation)

Food processing unit adapted to include several processing devices to permit various foods to be sliced, grated, shredded or otherwise processed into a food receiving chamber, the top portion of which is designed to removably support a working platform. The working platform is designed with a two st ...

John S Doyel: Hand-operated kitchen appliance for drying vegetables and the like. Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, July 1, 1980: US04209916 (38 worldwide citation)

An appliance which is made solely of snap-in molded plastic components includes a strainer for holding the vegetables which is rotated within a covered bowl by a hand crank transmitting the rotational motion through a step-up transmission having a planetary gear and through a frictional fit between ...

John S Doyel: Miniature battery-operated light. August 9, 1983: US04398237 (36 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a miniature battery-operated light which, except for the necessary batteries, bulb and electrical contacts, is entirely made of molded pieces of thermoplastic material assembled manually by snap-fit or friction-fit. The same housing can be used either with a lid assembly having a flashl ...

John S Doyel: Battery-driven cleaning device. Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, September 25, 1979: US04168560 (30 worldwide citation)

A battery-driven cleaning device has a pair of rotary attachments for brushing, scrubbing or buffing and is made primarily of inexpensive molded plastic parts. The device can work with or without a detachable reservoir unit which dispenses a cleaning agent.

John S Doyel: Smoke dispersal device. May 15, 1979: US04154251 (27 worldwide citation)

The device draws the smoke up from lit cigarettes and the like and disperses it thoroughly in large amounts of air to make it nearly invisible and less offensive. A battery operated motor drives an impeller which draws smoke through a ram tube. The smoke then proceeds through an annular flow channel ...

John S Doyel: Hand-held, battery-operated decorative extruder for cookie dough and similar food substances. Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, September 19, 1978: US04114781 (21 worldwide citation)

A simple and inexpensive, hand-held, battery-operated device extrudes dough or another paste- or cream-like food substance to make cookies and the like or food decorations. The substance is in a tube and is pushed out by a nonrotating pusher moved along the tube by a nonrotating drive screw driven a ...

John S Doyel: Shoe organizer. Peter A Luccarelli Jr, May 19, 1992: US05114017 (13 worldwide citation)

A shoe organizer for organizing shoes in stacked, over-and-under pairs along a horizontal shelf or one or more pairs vertically in string-like fashion. The shoe organizer comprises first and second shoe holders which can function as shoe trees, each having a heel piece and a toe piece; a cross bridg ...

John S Doyel: Display stand for sheet material such as photographs. Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, December 28, 1982: US04365434 (13 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a display stand with split rings supporting sheet material such as photographs, recipes, instructions, addresses, etc. The stand is made entirely of integrally molded plastic components snap-locked to each other through hand assembly. The rings are deformed by hand to load them with she ...

John S Doyel: Two-motor, battery-operated mixer-pourer. February 5, 1985: US04497580 (13 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a battery-operated utensil for mixing and pouring drinks and the like. It uses a separate motor to drive a shaft carrying mixer blades, and a separate motor to drive a pump. The motors are turned on one at a time, and drive the respective shafts directly, thus eliminating the use of com ...

John S Doyel: Exerciser. Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, June 15, 1982: US04334678 (11 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a spring loaded exerciser in the shape of a bow made up of a central bar and two arms extending from the ends of the central bar and pivotally connected to it and a cord connecting the free ends of the arms. There may be a gauge to indicate the degree of force exerted by the user, and t ...