John S Baer, Stephen K Bohrer, Michael A Vietti: Wireless weather station. July 6, 1999: US05920827 (45 worldwide citation)

A wireless weather station for measuring a number of weather parameters over an extended time at a data collection location. The weather data can be transmitted to a remote location using substantially less total power than would be necessary to provide real time continuous transmission, yet provide ...

John S Baer, William R Coon, John Frus: Axial pole stepping motor. Dana Corporation Warner Electric Brake & Clutch Division, Leydig Voit & Mayer, December 1, 1992: US05168187 (29 worldwide citation)

An axial pole stepping motor having a stator assembly on one or both sides of a disc-shaped rotor and including a plurality of teeth extending parallel to the rotational axis of the motor's drive shaft with the teeth arranged into at least two groups and evenly spaced within each of the two groups s ...

John S Baer: Step motor with circumferential stators on opposite sides of disc-like rotor. Warner Electric Brake & Clutch Co, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, June 10, 1980: US04207483 (26 worldwide citation)

An electric step motor has a rotor member and a stator member aligned on a common axis with one of the two members having two pairs of interdigital pole teeth extending perpendicularly to the axis. The two pairs of pole teeth are axially spaced from each other with the inner pole teeth in each pair ...

John S Baer: Digital weather station. Rainwise, John C Dorfman, September 8, 1981: US04287762 (25 worldwide citation)

A totally digitalized weather station provides a digital display with selection elements for selecting a particular transducer and indication elements for indicating which parameter is being sensed at the time. Elements are provided to select from memory maximum and minimum readings of various param ...

John S Baer: Rotary engine or pump construction. Dorfman Herrell and Skillman, January 17, 1978: US04068985 (18 worldwide citation)

A rotary engine or pump employs a block or housing having a cylindrical cavity along the axis of which extends a cylindrical drive shaft supported on the block to permit rotation thereof. Within the cavity, parallel edge walls axially spaced apart from one another and rotatable relative to the shaft ...

John S Baer: Parameter sensors and monitors. Daniel H Kane Jr, May 26, 1987: US04667514 (15 worldwide citation)

Parameter sensors and monitors are described incorporating one of a variety of parameter responsive structures constructed and arranged for expansion and contraction causing a component of motion and displacement along at least one direction in response to variations of a selected parameter. A refer ...

John S Baer, Michael A Vietti: Wind speed and wind direction signal generator. RainWise, Daniel H Kane, August 13, 1991: US05038607 (13 worldwide citation)

A wind speed and wind direction signal generator includes first and second pulse signal generators each with a respective stator and rotor. The stator for each pulse generator has at least two stator coils mounted at a radial angle relative to each other in the direction of rotation of a rotor so th ...

Daniel J LaPointe, Michael Vietti, John S Baer: Light pen interactive weather parameter display system. RainWise, Daniel H Kane, May 28, 1991: US05019977 (12 worldwide citation)

A weather station display system displays weather data on a video monitor, TV receiver or other raster screen display. The weather data is derived from a weather station having multiple weather parameter sensors or transducers for measuring weather parameters and generating electrical signals repres ...

John S Baer: Helical spring clutch. Warner Electric Brake & Clutch Company, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, June 29, 1976: US03966024 (12 worldwide citation)

A disc brake retards the motion of the normally stationary output member of a helical spring clutch and serves to brake the rotary input member of the clutch to a gradual stop when a coiled helical spring is contracted to couple the output member to the input member.

John S Baer: Total precipitation gauge with float sensor. RainWise, Daniel H Kane, September 21, 1993: US05245874 (9 worldwide citation)

A total precipitation gauge (10) incorporates a float gauge (16) extending downward to a liquid level (18) in a precipitation storage container. The float gauge (16) is formed with an elongate stillwell (20) extending into the liquid level (18), a float element (22) suspended in the stillwell (20) f ...

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