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An anisotropically conductive adhesive composition (10) for use in electrically connecting at least one conductive area (14) on one substrate (12) with at least one conductive area (20) on a second substrate (18) is disclosed. The composition (10) is comprised of a mixture of conductive particles an ...

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An optical connector system comprises mating first and second fiber ferrules (1, 11). Each ferrule (1, 11) has an endface (4, 14) polished at an angle to minimize backreflections. A holographic optical element (6) disposed on the first ferrule endface (4) receives a transmitted beam and expands the ...

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A beam homogenizer for converting an incident beam of non-uniform spatial power or energy distribution into an output beam of uniform spatial power or energy distribution. The homogenizer is a holographic optical element constructed from an array of facets or subholograms and positioned at a first p ...

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A connector assembly (10) and a method of manufacture include a connector sheet (30) formed of a fine web of insulating strands (32, 34) woven together to define a mesh of cavities (35) containing discrete contacts (36, 40) held by an adhesive (38) to define an ordered anisotropic area of discrete c ...

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A method for the selective plating of a metal substrate on which a thin polymeric plating resist is first applied, followed by the selective removal of said resist to expose portions of said substrate to plating, and plating. More particularly, the method hereof includes the steps of selecting a las ...

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A passively aligned optical interconnect is described for use as a wavelength division multiplexer (WDM) and demultiplexer. The device makes use of silicon waferboard for a low cost interconnect. Computer generated holograms are used to effect the multiplexing/demultiplexing as well as focusing of t ...

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An input device which can be employed to input commands to a computer directly through a CRT display is disclosed. The input device employs a plurality of infrared light emitting diodes and phototransistors aligned in individual emitter-detector pairs. Infrared beams from the emitter cross the displ ...

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A passively aligned bi-directional optoelectronic transceiver module assembly utilizes a computer generated hologram as a diffractor to split/combine light beams of two different wavelengths. The entire assembly is constructed of monocrystalline silicon which is photolithographically batch processed ...

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An electrical connector (30) includes a body (34) of elastomeric material having cavities (38) containing a conductive gel operable upon deformation of the body of said connector to interconnect conductive pads (16, 22) between components such as a printed circuit board (12) and a chip carrier (20).

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A conductive gel interconnection apparatus forming either a permanent or disconnectable electrical interconnection between multiple components is disclosed. Conductive particles are dispersed within a dielectric gelatinous medium and a concentration exceeding the percolation threshold to impart cond ...