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A graft copolymer comprising polyolefin and engineering thermoplastic components, wherein the thermoplastic component is a polymer comprising heteroatoms or heteroatom containing moieties in its backbone and phenyl or substituted phenyl groups, the polyolefin component covalently bound to the engine ...

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Disclosed are new classes of pyridyldiamide catalyst components useful in olefin polymerization, an example of which includes: wherein M is a hafnium or zirconium; R1 and R11 are selected from phenyl and substituted phenyl, wherein the substitutions are selected from C1 to C5 hydrocarbyls, preferabl ...

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A process of producing ethylene α-olefin copolymers, especially ethylene block copolymers, comprising contacting ethylene and a C3 to C10 α-olefin with a transition metal pyridyldiamide (MPN3) catalyst component and an activator, as well as from 10 equivalents to 1000 equivalents relative to the cat ...

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This invention relates to higher olefin vinyl terminated polymers having an Mn of at least 200 g/mol (measured by 1H NMR) including of one or more C4 to C40 higher olefin derived units, where the higher olefin vinyl terminated polymer comprises substantially no propylene derived units; and wherein t ...

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This invention relates to a process to polymerize olefins comprising: i) contacting one or more olefins with a catalyst system comprising: 1) a support comprising an organoaluminum treated layered silicate and an inorganic oxide; and 2) a pyridyldiamido compound; and ii) obtaining olefin polymer hav ...

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This invention relates to a process to functionalize propylene co-oligomer comprising contacting an alkene metathesis catalyst with a heteroatom containing alkene, and a propylene a co-oligomer having an Mn of 300 to 30,000 g/mol comprising 10 to 90 mol % propylene and 10 to 90 mol % of ethylene, wh ...

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Polymers produced by a process comprising contacting one or more olefins with a catalyst system comprising an activator and a Salan catalyst disposed on a support.

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This invention relates to a process for producing a polymer of a cyclic olefin and a linear mono-olefin, the process comprising contacting at least one C5 based cyclic olefin with at least one linear mono-olefin having from two to twenty carbon atoms in the presence of an alkene metathesis catalyst, ...

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This invention relates to a metathesis catalyst compound comprising an asymmetrically substituted N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) metathesis catalyst and a process to make linear alpha-olefins comprising contacting a feed material and an optional alkene (such as ethylene) with said catalyst, where the ...