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A method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a gaseous substance within a space bounded by an enclosure utilizes the fact that sound is not transmitted through a vacuum and is transmitted through the material of the enclosure. A sonic wave transmitter and a sonic wave receiver are engaged wi ...

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An ultrasonic method and apparatus for measuring liquid level in a vessel employing an acoustic waveguide (16) connected to an ultrasonic transducer (14) and the vessel (18). Guiding means (24) situated inside a vessel (18) directs the acoustic energy pulse to a surface (22) of the liquid. The acous ...

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A compensator for differential thermal expansion in a multi-stage barrel type centrifugal pump has a truncated conical body section and a plurality of leaf springs extending radially from said body section, the compensator is disposed in the multi-stage barrel type centrifugal pump between the outer ...