John P Yang: Electronic athlete trainer for improving skills in reflex, speed and accuracy. December 9, 1986: US04627620 (390 worldwide citation)

An electronic apparatus for improving skills in reflex, speed and accuracy of the player as well as for recreational purposes is disclosed in which multiple targets spread around the player are selected with random sequence by an electronic device. The selections of targets are indicated by the visu ...

Joseph M Barletta, John P Yang: Electronic tag identification system. Lockheed Electronics Co, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe, June 25, 1985: US04525713 (61 worldwide citation)

A plurality of differently coded component tags are attached to a plurality of components maintained in a storage location. The component tag codes are stored in a master tag which can be interrogated by a coded interrogation signal to identify the tagged components.

John G Strenkowski, John P Yang: Digital phase correlator. Lockheed Electronics Company, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe, August 5, 1986: US04604582 (50 worldwide citation)

A digital phase correlator compares the relative phase of two or more high-frequency clocks and corrects for any detected phase difference. The phase detector includes a pair of flip-flops whose output is an indication of which of the two clock pulses is leading the other. The output of the flip-flo ...

John P Yang: Self-clocking binary receiver. Lockheed Electronics Co, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe, January 29, 1985: US04497060 (50 worldwide citation)

Binary data is transmitted as signals of two different pulsewidths to respectively represent logic "0" and "1". At the data receiver, the ratio of the pulsewidths is converted into a corresponding voltage ratio, which, in turn, is applied through a voltage divider to develop clock- and data-control ...