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The present invention is a system and method for determining whether the best category for an object under investigation is a mixture of preexisting categories, and how the mixture is constituted. This invention is useful both for suggesting the need for new categories, and for a fixed set of catego ...

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Logical Data Access to the physical structure of a relational database is provided for one or more Applications. Applications are developed using the logical entity types and logical entity type attribute names as described in a logical data model. The Applications then use a Logical Data Access Int ...

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Topically relevant objects in an object database are first identified using any generally known methods to obtain a set of topically relevant objects (topically relevant set). Parents, and in alternative embodiments other ancestors, of one or more of the topically relevant objects are identified acc ...

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A method and apparatus for remotely crediting and billing usage of a plurality of electronic entertainment machines situated at different locations. Each electronic entertainment is connected via a transmission link to a billing computer situated at a central billing location. The establishment havi ...


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An open-ended tamper-resistant container has a flexible seal over the oven end. The tamper-resistant container is particularly suited for holding a volatile material for slow diffusion. The container has at least one free-standing rib which prevents downward pressure or squeezing on the flexible sea ...

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Methods and systems consistent with the present invention provide a comprehensive assessment and planning system. Methods and systems consistent with employ a preventive approach to predicting the likelihood of an entity entering a degraded future state by computing a risk value that reflects that l ...

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A two-way wireless local transmission system integrates computer and television user interfaces. A television set-top device includes a separate transmitter and receiver. The transmitter converts an audio and video signal into a modulated signal within the 902-928 MHz frequency band and transmits th ...

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Chemical compounds of the formula: in which R, X, Y and Z have various specified values. The compounds are useful in the preparation of agricultural acrylic acid derivatives described in EP-A-178826.

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Biomedical devices, such as ophthalmic lenses, and methods of making such devices having a surface coating including at least one polyionic layer. A preferred method involves spray coating a polycationic material onto a core lens, rinsing and drying the lens, followed by spray coating a polyanionic ...