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Laser apparatus for eroding a surface comprises means to select and control the shape and size of the area irradiated by each pulse of laser energy without varying the energy density of the beam. By varying the size of the irradiated area between pulses, some regions of the surface may be eroded mor ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed herein for wireless communication with adaptive beamforming. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a processor, a radio frequency (RF) transmitter having a digitally controlled phased array antenna coupled to and controlled by the processor to transmit conten ...

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A laser system and masking apparatus for reprofiling surfaces, such as corneal surfaces. The system includes a laser and a mask disposed between the laser and the surface to be reprofiled, the mask providing a pre-defined profile of resistance to laser radiation, such that upon irradiation, part of ...

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The invention provides a photocoagulator using an infrared laser diode source (70). A dichroic beam splitter (68) is used to combine the optical path of the laser system with the viewing system. Such an arrangement affords the clinician an uninterupted, uncolor view of the patient's eye during treat ...

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An interface system that conveys data at approximately 500 MBitsps between modules. The interface system performs multistream serialization at the transmitter and multistream de-serialization at the Receiver. As a consequence, fewer interface connections are required between the modules.

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Novel cationic amphiphiles are provided that facilitate transport of biologically active (therapeutic) molecules into cells. The amphiphiles contain lipophilic groups derived from steroids, from mono or dialkylamines, or from alkyl or acyl groups; and cationic groups, protonatable at physiological p ...

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The instrument of the present invention is designed to electrically alter membranes of vesicles in a suspension in order to perform vesicular alteration and electrostructuring of the membranes. The instrument includes a supply for delivering voltage to a pulse forming network. The output of the puls ...

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A digital audio player has a removable and interchangeable multi-function module that has at least one operating member. The multi-function interchangeable module interoperates with the body of the digital audio player to provide a plurality of features, which include, but are not limited to, additi ...

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A method and system for reshaping Bowman's membrane, which lies directly below the anterior epithelial surface of the cornea, to provide correction of refractive errors in the eye by photoablation of selective regions of the Bowman's membrane without substantial penetration into the stroma of the ey ...

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Techniques for distributing data packets over a network link bundle include storing an output data packet in a data flow queue based on a flow identification associated with the output data packet. The flow identification indicates a set of one or more data packets, including the output data packet, ...