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The present invention relates to cysteine protease inhibitors of the general formula (I): ##STR1## wherein Z is a cysteine protease binding moiety; X and Y are S, O or optionally substituted N; and R.sub.1 is optionally substituted alkyl or aryl.

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This relates to a semiconductor device and method for making same. At least one semiconductor device is formed in a polished silicon slice, and the device is framed by a deep diffusion of boron. The surface of the slice is then coated with a layer of silicon nitride, and a glass ceramic body is bond ...

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A dynamoelectric machine has a stator with a stator core and a plurality of spaced apart radially extending ventilation ducts. A rotor mounted for rotation within the stator has a shaft with a plurality of salient poles. Each salient pole has a winding on it and each pole with its winding constitute ...

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A circuit for use in conjunction with a multiplier receives a portion of completed product bits and a portion of sum and carry bits which, when accumulated, provide a complete output product operand. The circuit is adaptable for use with input operands having single or double precision data formats. ...

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A series of non-lenticular ophthalmic lenses for use in the correction of aphakia having, in the case of each lens of the series, a front surface of rotationally symmetrical aspheric cross-sectional curvature designed for wide field of view with consideration of the aphakic eye as a dynamic optical ...

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A process for annealing crystal damage in ion implanted semiconductor devices in which the device is rapidly heated to a temperature between 450.degree. and 900.degree. C. and allowed to cool. It has been found that such heating of the device to these relatively low temperatures results in rapid ann ...

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This invention relates to a Schmitt trigger circuit, and particularly to a Schmitt trigger circuit comprising MOS transistors.

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A self-aligned gate structure for a compound semiconductor MESFET is formed rom a lower silicon layer and an upper metal, e.g. nickel, region. The nickel region forms an etch mask for the silicon and subsequently an implantation mask for the drain and source regions. Etching of the silicon provides ...

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A device for use in determining the minimum size of ophthalmic lens blank which may be made to fit a desired spectacles frame or the largest frame for a given lens blank size.

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Psoriasis in mammals is relieved by topically administering naphthalenes of the formula: ##STR1## wherein: R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 are the same and are lower alkoxy, lower alkylthio, optionally substituted phenoxy or optionally substituted phenylthio,