John M Lipscomb: Recirculating pet fountain. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, October 25, 2016: US09474249

A recirculating pet fountain with an upper drinking bowl in water flow recirculation with a lower drinking bowl that includes a step upon which an animal, e.g., cat, can perch while drinking. The upper bowl is suspended above the lower bowl by an arm that provides a graspable handle and conduit thro ...

Mark J Briski, Jonathan D Supanich, John M Lipscomb: Object-enclosing chambered scooper. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, December 22, 2015: US09217231

A scooper that has a plurality of pivoting scoop jaws that rotate between an open position and a closed position defining a substantially enclosed object-holding scooper chamber that operably cooperates with a skirt overlying the scoop jaws covering a top of the chamber that also which protects scoo ...

John M Lipscomb, Stan L Suring: Cat scratching post. GHL International, Boyle Fredrickson Newholm Stein & Gratz Sc, January 20, 2005: US20050011469-A1

A cat scratching post that includes a plurality of supports between which an outer covering is disposed. The supports are coupled with at least one joint that can comprise a spline that can be ribbed and that can form part of an end cap. In another preferred embodiment, the supports engage each othe ...

John M Lipscomb, Stanley L Suring, Jonathan D Supanich: Pet Food Holder, Pet Food Containing Module & Method. Boyle Fredrickson Sc, August 7, 2008: US20080184938-A1

A pet food holder and pet food containing module releasably carried by the holder that includes seeds or sprouts in a plug or pellet of food containing material in a cup of the module that germinate and grow into a plant that is edible by an animal. The holder includes a mounting arrangement used to ...

Stanley L Suring, Jonathan D Supanich, Betsy M Lipscomb, John M Lipscomb: Animal entertainment device. Boyle Fredrickson Sc, December 27, 2007: US20070295284-A1

An animal toy having pendulum action is disclosed. The toy includes a movable pendulum swingably secured within a housing. The pendulum is capable of carrying toys, and each toy is accessible through one or more access openings in the housing.

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A moisture release valve for an outdoor light including a valve body having a stem received in a valve guide and having a head seating with a valve seat integrally formed of part of a sidewall of a light casing of the light fixture. Valve body is gravity displaced between a closed position and an op ...