John M Lipscomb: Recirculating pet fountain. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, October 25, 2016: US09474249

A recirculating pet fountain with an upper drinking bowl in water flow recirculation with a lower drinking bowl that includes a step upon which an animal, e.g., cat, can perch while drinking. The upper bowl is suspended above the lower bowl by an arm that provides a graspable handle and conduit thro ...

Mark J Briski, Jonathan D Supanich, John M Lipscomb: Object-enclosing chambered scooper. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, December 22, 2015: US09217231

A scooper that has a plurality of pivoting scoop jaws that rotate between an open position and a closed position defining a substantially enclosed object-holding scooper chamber that operably cooperates with a skirt overlying the scoop jaws covering a top of the chamber that also which protects scoo ...

John M Lipscomb, Stan L Suring: Cat scratching post. GHL International, Boyle Fredrickson Newholm Stein & Gratz Sc, January 20, 2005: US20050011469-A1

A cat scratching post that includes a plurality of supports between which an outer covering is disposed. The supports are coupled with at least one joint that can comprise a spline that can be ribbed and that can form part of an end cap. In another preferred embodiment, the supports engage each othe ...

John M Lipscomb, Stanley L Suring, Jonathan D Supanich: Pet Food Holder, Pet Food Containing Module & Method. Boyle Fredrickson Sc, August 7, 2008: US20080184938-A1

A pet food holder and pet food containing module releasably carried by the holder that includes seeds or sprouts in a plug or pellet of food containing material in a cup of the module that germinate and grow into a plant that is edible by an animal. The holder includes a mounting arrangement used to ...

Stanley L Suring, Jonathan D Supanich, Betsy M Lipscomb, John M Lipscomb: Animal entertainment device. Boyle Fredrickson Sc, December 27, 2007: US20070295284-A1

An animal toy having pendulum action is disclosed. The toy includes a movable pendulum swingably secured within a housing. The pendulum is capable of carrying toys, and each toy is accessible through one or more access openings in the housing.

John M Lipscomb, Keith H Hamm, Stanley L Suring, Walter J Fiedorowicz, Harley A Reabe, Walter E Frohboese JR: Moisture Release Valve For An Outdoor Light Fixture. October 20, 2011: US20110255293-A1

A moisture release valve for an outdoor light including a valve body having a stem received in a valve guide and having a head seating with a valve seat integrally formed of part of a sidewall of a light casing of the light fixture. Valve body is gravity displaced between a closed position and an op ...

John M Lipscomb, Stanley L Suring, Qing He: Pet Fountain. Boyle Fredrickson Sc, December 2, 2010: US20100300366-A1

A pet fountain having a housing of snap together construction formed of a base and cover. The base includes a basin in which an integrally formed filter-holding divider is disposed that separates the basin into a return sump and pumping chamber. The cover includes a water holding bowl, an inlet and ...

John M Lipscomb, Stanley L Suring: Disposable fold-up sifting animal litter filtering pan. Boyle Fredrickson Sc, April 22, 2010: US20100095899-A1

A disposable litter pan that is made of a flexible material, preferably biodegradable non-plastic material, such as thermally pressed cardboard or other paper fiber material treated with an aqueous coating that inhibits degradation of the pan in the presence of fluids. The pan is a generally self-su ...

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