John M Lipscomb: Pet fountain diffuser. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, April 3, 2018: US09930867

A water diffuser that extends from the discharge outlet of a pet fountain, for receiving water from the outlet of the pet fountain's water pump, wherein the diffuser includes a perforate tubular diffuser section that can be releasably coupled or otherwise anchored to part of the fountain by a connec ...


John M Lipscomb, Scott Repinski: Method of making extruded self-clumping granular absorbent. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, November 15, 2016: US09491926

A granular absorbent and granular absorbent making method producing granular absorbent from a carbohydrate starch-containing cereal grain, e.g., corn, based admixture extruded from a single screw or twin screw extruder forming liquid absorbing pellets having a clumping agent formed during extrusion ...

John M Lipscomb, Qing He: Interchangeable flow directing orifice inserts and recirculating pet fountain with flow directing orifice inserts. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, February 21, 2017: US09572323

A recirculating pet fountain having a cover mounted on a basin in a manner that removably seats the cover on the basin. An inclined spillway of the cover has an intake-defining edge below water in the basin producing a spillway that also is a debris and detritus blocking barrier. The fountain includ ...

John M Lipscomb: Recirculating pet fountain. Pioneer Pet Products, Boyle Fredrickson S C, August 2, 2016: US09402375

A recirculating pet fountain that includes a basin, pump and discharge where water pumped out the discharge is either received by an overflow tube and/or conveyed by a bridge toward water in the basin including into the tube. The bridge can include a channel and be configured so at least some discha ...