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An isotope-ratio-monitoring gas chromatography-mass spectrometry apparatus and method are disclosed which provide for on-line analysis of isotope compositions with high precision. With the apparatus and method, samples are introduced in a hydrogen carrier gas into a gas chromatograph and resolved in ...

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The configuration of a multi-head gamma camera requires coordination between tangential and radial motions so that the detectors maintain a desired orientation, either corner to corner or overlapping. Based on the radial and angular positions of the detectors, desired tangential positions are determ ...

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Method and apparatus for imaging of a subject. Radiation intensity data is transformed to a frequency domain, filtered, retransformed and then backprojected to allow an operator to examine a cross sectional image of the subject. Based upon this image, a filter function is adjusted and a second image ...

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A method and apparatus are described for the quantitative analysis of vaporizable compounds, and in particular of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which may be induced to fluoresce. The sample to be analyzed is injected into a gas chromatography column and is eluted through a narrow orifice into a v ...



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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an autonomous tangential movement control in a plural detector gamma-ray camera. SOLUTION: The structure of a plural head gamma-ray camera necessitates coordination between tangential and radial movements so that detectors 22a-22c may maintain desired orientations, t ...