John M Hammond: Analytical test strip. CMB Foodcan, St Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, October 23, 1990: US04965047 (69 worldwide citation)

An analytical test strip has a flexible blister (12) thermoformed in a sheet plastics member (22), and a diaphragm (34) which closes the blister to create a reservoir for holding a reagent and/or carrier liquid (32). The sheet plastics member (22) is further formed with one or two spikes (28) the or ...

John M Hammond, Leonard W Reed: Baby feeding packs. MB Group, Diller Ramik & Wight, May 16, 1989: US04830205 (49 worldwide citation)

A baby feeding pack comprises a pouch-like bag for containing a liquid infant food or drink having walls of flexible sheet plastics material and a gusset, also of a flexible plastics sheet material, sealed to the walls and carrying a teat with a removable closure. The gusset defines part of a sealed ...

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A process for preparing a multilayered belt comprises heating a substrate formed of a polymeric material, the substrate having a predetermined inner circumference, to at least about the glass transition temperature of the polymeric material and then placing the sleeve on a cylindrical mandrel. The m ...

John M Hammond: Fluid separation and delivery apparatus and method. John M Hammond, February 8, 2005: US06852219 (24 worldwide citation)

A fluid separation and delivery apparatus and method are provided for filtering a fluid from a source and delivering a filtrate derived therefrom to a first destination, and delivering a decantate derived therefrom to a second destination. The fluid separation and delivery apparatus for the method c ...

Robert D Gunderman, John M Hammond: Ultracapacitors comprised of mineral microtubules. NaturalNano Research, July 15, 2008: US07400490 (16 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an ultracapacitor having electrodes containing mineral microtubules, an electrolyte between the electrodes, and a separator in the electrolyte to provide electrical insulation between the electrodes, while allowing ion flow within the electrolyte. The electrodes may be formed from a pas ...

John M Hammond, Mark Petropoulos, Stuart B Berger, Robert W Nolley: Method of cleaning, coating and curing receptor substrates in an enclosed planetary array. Xerox Corporation, September 28, 1993: US05248529 (15 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for processing cylindrical and belt-like substrates includes a carousel rotatable to any one of a plurality of planetary stations surrounding the carousel, the carousel having a support structure defining a central horizontal axis and at least one support arm mounted on the s ...

John M Hammond: Enclosures and accessories for sport utility vehicles vans and minivans. Howard J Greenwald, October 21, 1997: US05678882 (15 worldwide citation)

A motor vehicle comprised of an access opening with a quadrilateral shape defined by a first side, a second side, a third side, and a fourth side. The vehicle contains a plate in contact with at least a portion of the perimeter of the access opening of the motor vehicle, a screen attached to the pla ...

John M Hammond: Metering pump. Howard J Greenwald, April 27, 1993: US05205722 (13 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for continuously pumping fluid at a substantially constant flow rate is disclosed. This apparatus is comprised of a metering pump, a rotary timing valve, at least three fluid transducers, and means for synchronizing said metering pump with said rotary timing valve.

John M Hammond: Sample camping enclosure for sport utility vehicles, vans and minivans. Hamondale Recreation Incorporated, Howard J Greenwald, September 15, 1998: US05806906 (12 worldwide citation)

A device for enclosing the back of a motor vehicle which is comprised of a flexible cover removably attached to a ridge extending from the back of the motor vehicle. When the device is attached to the motor vehicle, it encloses the space behind the back section of such vehicle, and the device forms ...

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An apparatus and method for curing cylindrical and belt-like substrates include a curing chamber defining a horizontal central axis; a support structure selectively receivable within the curing chamber for supporting at least one substrate along a horizontal axis radially offset from and parallel to ...