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A portable, electrohydraulic, acoustic transmitter releasably attaches to a solid medium such as a drill string to generate essentially longitudinal, acoustic signals in the medium. The signals are frequency modulated so that encoded messages may be transmitted between a surface and subsurface locat ...

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This invention relates to a self-contained circulation sub which may be operated upon control from the surface. It may be in the shape of a short section of drill collar and utilizes a sleeve valve to cover the circulation ports. Upon reception of an acoustic signal from the surface, a control valve ...

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A choke arrangement useful in subsea completions in a subsea tree cap. The subsea choke arrangement allows for refitting of existing subsea tree arrangements to allow for the installation of a choke arrangement that can be easily maintained and removed. Also, a choke arrangement is shown that allows ...

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An acoustically operated downhole blowout preventer using a specially configured sleeve valve to inflate a resilient packer for shutting the wellbore annulus.

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An apparatus and a method for extending subsea hydrocarbon flowlines from an initial installation on a template/manifold system to later drilled subsea wells. The extension utilizes a pigging valve assembly which completes a flow path to allow for line cleaning or pigging and is modified by adding a ...

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A tensioner system is disclosed for applying tension to a riser pipe extending between a floating vessel and the sea bottom. The tensioner comprises a guide means fixed onto the floating vessel for restraining guide members from substantial lateral movement relative to the vessel while permitting re ...

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A subsea production system that facilitates the cost effective development of offshore hydrocarbon reserves. The system includes a template base, a wellhead assembly, a saddle manifold, flowlines, a subsea tree assembly, and a control center. The system facilitates phased development by allowing con ...

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Well apparatus for use in injecting corrosion inhibitor into the annulus between casing and tubing strings below an injection/packer assembly positioned in such annulus which includes an annular gas trap positioned below the injection/packer assembly. The annular gas trap comprises a plurality of in ...