John A Haeber, John K Rains, Brad D Beitler, George S Kukuchek: Marine riser coupling assembly. Vetco Offshore, Edward L Kochey Jr, November 5, 1985: US04550936 (25 worldwide citation)

A marine riser coupling assembly comprised of a pair of flanged couplings (14, 16). A pin insert (36) is retained (44, 54) within tubular portions (22, 24) of the couplings. The insert has multiple outside diameters (50, 50), and seals (66, 74) on each.

Robert E Nikkel, Paul Guidi, John K Rains: Liquid spray gun accessories. Frank D Gilliam, February 5, 1991: US04989787 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to improvements in existing liquid hand held spray guns which deliver liquid to a spray nozzle and have fixed or adjustable spray pattern adjustment of the liquid being dispensed from the nozzle. The improvements comprise the addition of a ball valve between the spray gun i ...

John K Rains, Larry E Reimert: Low torque pack-off seal assembly with retrievable lower section. Vetco Offshore, Arthur E Fournier Jr, April 13, 1982: US04324422 (9 worldwide citation)

A pack-off seal assembly 26 particularly suitable for use for purposes of effecting a seal between a wellhead housing 18 and a casing hanger 16. The subject pack-off seal assembly 26 is designed to be interposed between the cylindrical wall surface 18a of the wellhead housing 18 and that of a casing ...


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