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An electronic device enclosure is provided having a top and a bottom, preferably each made of a polycarbonate plastic material and having respective lower and upper edges which are the same shape, and an elastomeric cover which fits over the top and wraps around the lower edge thereof so as to seal ...

John J Risko: Method for making Schottky barrier diodes. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, R P Williams, D S Cohen, August 29, 1978: US04110488 (39 worldwide citation)

A plurality of Schottky barrier devices are produced by a method which uses a relationship between barrier height, surface concentration of impurities, and alloying time valid when a thin layer of oxide is present on a device substrate and includes the steps of preselecting an impurity concentration ...

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A lock includes a plurality of elongated buttons, each of which has on the sides thereof a plurality of gates spaced angularly and longitudinally from one another. A case contains the lock and defines a plurality of bores within which the buttons travel. The buttons are urged out a front cover of th ...

Wayne F Larson, John J Risko: Key. Supra Products, Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston, January 23, 1990: US04895036 (8 worldwide citation)

A key for use with a lock having internally lugged tumblers comprises an elongate cylindrical member with a longitudinal keyway to receive the lugs. From the longitudinal keyway extend a plurality of circumferential grooves of coded lengths. From the ends of certain of these circumferential grooves ...

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Apparatus is responsive to an alternating signal which exceeds a first level, V.sub.L, and within a given time, t, exceeds a greater second level, V.sub.H, by causing a signal manifestation pulse to issue. The apparatus is responsive to a signal which does not exceed V.sub.H within time t after exce ...