Hegeon Kwun, Keith Bartels, John J Hanley: Method and apparatus for conducting in-situ nondestructive tensile load measurements in cables and ropes. Southwest Research Institute, Kammer & Huff PLLC, October 13, 1998: US05821430 (15 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for the non-contact measurement of tensile loading (or tension) in ferromagnetic materials, particularly wire ropes, cables, and strands. The magnetostrictive effect is used to measure wave propagation properties within such materials to determine load forces imposed on the t ...

Anmol S Birring, David G Alcazar, Gary J Hendrix, John J Hanley: Method and means for detection of hydrogen attack by ultrasonic wave velocity measurements. Electric Power Research Institute, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, January 2, 1990: US04890496 (13 worldwide citation)

A method for detecting hydrogen attack by ultrasound wave velocity measurements in which ultrasound waves (e.g. longitudinal, shear, or creeping) are transmitted from one transducer to another transducer along a fixed path through a steel body such as pipe. The velocity of the ultrasound wave is det ...

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