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A network (A) carries large image blocks among medical diagnostic equipment (20, 22, 24), archive computer (26), and data handling and display stations (28, 30). Four kilobyte packets of 4 megabyte image blocks are moved from transmit buffers (38) to queuing buffers (42). The order in which packets ...


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In positron emission imaging, coincident gamma ray pairs are acquired and processed to generate an image. Random gamma ray pairs in the acquired coincidence data degrade the quality of the resultant image. The coincident gamma ray pairs are re-paired to generate non-coincident gamma ray pairs. The n ...



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Pixel values f(m,n) of an image are reduced (A) by predicting each pixel value based on preceding pixel values and retaining the deviation e(m,n) between the actual and predicted values. The reduced values e(m,n) are serially fed to an input latch (20). A latched sizer (22) determines the larger of ...

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A DMA control device (10) is connected with an n-bit address bus (12) by way of a bidirectional internal n-bit bus (14). The m most significant bits of signals received on the bidirectional bus (14) are reserved for carrying codes which identify or enable the DMA device to respond, to generate a loa ...

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A computed tomography acquisition geometry provides an increased field of view (218). A radiation source (202, 702) such as an x-ray source and a radiation detector (204, 704) are displaced from the imaging center (214). In one implementation, the central ray (216) of a radiation beam (212) is paral ...

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When performing nuclear (e.g., SPECT or PET) and CT scans on a patient, a volume cone-beam CT scan is performed using a cone-beam CT X-ray source (20) and an offset flat panel X-ray detector (22). A field of view of the X-ray source overlaps a field of view of two nuclear detector heads (18), and th ...

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When generating a 3D image of a subject or patient, a cone beam X-ray source (20a, 20b) is mounted to a rotatable gantry (14) opposite an offset flat panel X-ray detector (22a, 22b). A wedge-shaped attenuation filter (24a, 24b) of suitable material (e.g., aluminum or the like) is adjustably position ...