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Dispersible particles consisting essentially of a crystalline drug substance having a surface modifier adsorbed on the surface thereof in an amount sufficient to maintain an effective average particle size of less than about 400 nm, methods for the preparation of such particles and dispersions conta ...


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A dispersion consisting essentially of magnetic particles, a dialkylester of phthalic acid which functions as a dispersing medium, and optionally, a dispersing agent is particularly useful as a precursor to a composition suitable for casting onto a cellulose acid ester support film to form a transpa ...

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Particles of compound useful in imaging elements are milled using a milling media comprising a polymeric resin. The use of polymeric milling media permits the production of particles having an average particle size less than 1 micron. Further, the resulting particles are free from the contamination ...


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An air supported play structure that may be configured into a large variety of forms and shapes. An expanse of air-permeable fabric is weighted around its edges, and the fabric is supported above a surface by a stream of air supplied by a fan. A plurality of connectors are attached to the fabric, an ...

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A dye-providing composition comprises a water-soluble or -dispersible polymer, such as a vinylpyrrolidone polymer, and an imidazole leuco dye capable of providing a dye in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and a peroxidative substance. The weight ratio of polymer to leuco dye is from about 10,000:1 ...

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Photographic assemblages and processes are described wherein a certain stripping agent is employed to enable an image-receiving layer to be separated from the rest of the assemblage after processing. The stripping agent comprises a straight chain alkyl or polyethylene oxide perfluoroalkylated ester ...

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An object of the invention is to overcome disadvantages of prior practices. A further object of the invention is to provide a process for providing particles that result in improved UV absorption in photographic products.

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An immunoassay element comprising at least one layer containing a leuco dye coating composition comprising: