John E O Neil, George W Kajos: Method and apparatus for centralized multipoint conferencing in a packet network. VideoServer, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds P C, October 5, 1999: US05963547 (75 worldwide citation)

A centralized multipoint conferencing arrangement uses a combination of multicast and unicast transmissions that is bandwidth efficient. A method of conferencing includes transmitting multimedia streams from endpoint terminals to a central resource such as a multipoint control unit (MCU) using unica ...

Alexander H Clark, John E O Neil, Albert S Tenney III: Microprocessor directed optical pyrometer. Leeds & Northrup Company, Raymond F MacKay, William G Miller Jr, March 1, 1983: US04375333 (5 worldwide citation)

A portable automatic disappearing filament optical pyrometer having low power demand incorporating a solid state line scanner as a sensing element is controlled by a microprocessor to perform a balance between the radiation from a target and a lamp filament to provide a digital indication of the tem ...

David H Shirley, John E O Neil: Planar sign geometry. David George Johnson, April 8, 2010: US20100083544-A1

A planar sign (16) is retained by a sign holder (1) suitable for mounting on a shelf (18). The sign holder includes a prong (8) that fits within an orifice (11) so that the sign is gripped between panel 7 and the half 12, thereby securing the sign to the shelf 18. The sign includes a tab (20) that i ...

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