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An optical parking alignment system that includes at least one projector located on a vehicle for projecting a respective image forwardly of the vehicle, whereby alignment of the vehicle is indicated when each respective image is in focus on a screen disposed in front of the vehicle. The projector c ...

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A dual mode liquid crystal display device has a liquid crystal material disposed between a first polarizer and a second reflective polarizer. A light source is disposed behind the second polarizer and an absorbing means is disposed behind the second polarizer in front of the light source. The reflec ...

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In a liquid crystal image display system, a fiber optic faceplate which transmits light only through a well defined acceptance cone is optically coupled to the liquid crystal display surface of a reflective dynamic scattering mode liquid crystal display device.

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A situation awareness viewing device, typically in the form of a head-mounted display device, includes a polarizing beam splitter made of a cube of a material transparent to light and having an index of refraction greater than 1, and a wire grid polarizer lying within the cube on a cube-diagonal pla ...

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Optical apparatus (48) includes the holographic optical element (16) which diffracts the incoming ray (15) in a diffuse cone toward a viewing pupil and at an angle parallel to the axis of fiber optic faceplate (48) so the central ray (17) of the diffused cone passes through optical fiber (54) toward ...

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A wide field-of-view simulator heads-up display provides images to a user along an optical axis. A HUD CRT provides images of a predetermined design wavelength, while rear projection screen CRTs provide out-of-window scenery that does not contain the predetermined design wavelength. A curved hologra ...

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In an electro-optical display device, a fiber optic faceplate which transmits light only through a well-defined solid angle, is optically coupled to an electro-optical display panel having a specularly reflecting surface. The display panel can be either an active device, such as laser diodes, or pas ...

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A holographic stoplight for a vehicle including a stoplight hologram, a source of playback illumination, and a transparent prism for supporting the stoplight hologram and for guiding the playback illumination to the stoplight hologram. The prism with the stoplight hologram is mounted in front of the ...

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Optical assembly (34) has a transmission holographic optical element (46) which refracts the incoming ray (38) at an angle through the angularly oriented fiber (56) in fiber optic faceplate (48). Holographic optical element (50) refracts the ray (66) to become ray (44) toward a viewing pupil. The ze ...

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A holographic optical filter separates broadband electromagnetic radiation into spectral components corresponding to different spectral regions and then images this radiation onto pixels of a display. It includes two layers of holographic optical elements that are sensitive to each of these spectral ...