John E Eberhardt: Printed circuit board inductor. Motorola, Pedro P Hernandez, Kenneth M Massaroni, October 24, 1995: US05461353 (34 worldwide citation)

A multilayer printed circuit board (100) includes a plurality of layers (101, 102, 104, 106, 108 and 110). Located within intermediate layer (106) is an inductor (200) which is shielded by top layer ground plane (202) and bottom layer ground plane (204). In another embodiment of the present inventio ...

John E Eberhardt, Oscar M Garay, Yew S Tay: Sleeved monopole antenna. Motorola, Juliana Agon, July 27, 1993: US05231412 (25 worldwide citation)

An antenna (100) includes a quarter-wave monopole radiating element (110, 110') having a signal feed point end (110A). The antenna (100) further includes a reactive element (150) in the form of a conductive sleeve. The sleeve (150) includes a grounding end (150A) and is coaxially positioned around a ...

John E Eberhardt: Measuring the concentration of gaseous hydrogen fluoride. Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Ladas & Parry, August 13, 1985: US04535241 (15 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for quantitatively determining the concentration of gaseous hydrogen fluoride in a medium containing gaseous hydrogen fluoride. The apparatus has one or two lasers (1) (2) which provides a beam (11) having two frequencies, a first frequency which is absorbed by gaseous hydrogen ...

John E Eberhardt, Ronald L Bane: Method of programming a frequency synthesizer. Motorola, Kenneth M Massaroni, October 29, 1996: US05570066 (14 worldwide citation)

In order to program the output frequency of a synthesizer such as that of a two-way radio, first the reference oscillator is warped or tuned substantially to one limit of its tuning range. The "N" divisor of the synthesizer dividor is then selected to produce a loop output close to the desired loop ...

John G Haub, John E Eberhardt, David L Death: Determination of properties of coal. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Ladas & Parry, September 25, 1990: US04959549 (11 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for determining a property of bulk coal from a fluorescence spectrum of the coal are disclosed. In the methods the coal is illuminated so that a plurality of macerals at the surface of the coal are illuminated with UV light. Intensities of fluorescent light from the coal are de ...

John E Eberhardt, Enrico Bellotti: Active bias for radio frequency power amplifier. Motorola, Kenneth M Massaroni, Scott M Garrett, October 29, 1996: US05570065 (8 worldwide citation)

A transceiver (100) includes a radio frequency power amplifier (116) which is biased by an active bias circuit (110). Active bias circuit (110) provides a low cost bias circuit for amplifier (116) which adjusts the bias over changes in temperature and supply voltage levels to provide a constant outp ...