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A power adapter is disclosed for use in connecting electrical power to a telephone station via a cross-connect jack. The power adapter has a plug-end for mating with the cross-connect field and a jack-end for receiving a cross-connect patch cord. The power adapter includes a two-conductor permanentl ...

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There is disclosed a cross-connect having a hinged rotating section panel which accepts multi-pair cables. The hinged section is mounted to a forward edge of a support section and the multi-pair cables are suspended between the two sections so that the cables remain in the same plane regardless of t ...

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A high speed infrared detector for use as a receiver in a 10.6.mu.m communication system and being composed of a Pb.sub.0.8 Sn.sub.0.2 Te crystalline substrate, a 10.6.mu.m absorbing layer on said substrate composed of a p-type Pb.sub.0.8 Sn.sub.0.2 Te material and a 10.6.mu.m transparent layer disp ...

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A low-leakage, heterojunction photodiode for use as a detector sensitive to infrared radiation is provided. The diode structure comprises a PbTe substrate of n-type conductivity with an n-type epitaxial buffer layer on the substrate and an epitaxial active layer on the buffer layer. The buffer layer ...

Austin M Andrews II, John E Clarke, Edward R Gertner, Joseph T Longo, Richard C Eden: Inverted heterojunction photodiode. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Air Force, Joseph E Rusz, William J O Brien, May 3, 1977: US04021836 (8 worldwide citation)

An inverted heterojunction photodiode for use as a laser detector sensitive to the 8 - 14 .mu.m portion of the infrared spectrum and operable above 77.degree. K. The diode structure comprises a PbTe substrate, a first buffer layer of a Pb.sub..90 Sn.sub..10 Te material on said substrate and a second ...

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A step joint between two plastic pieces suitable for an ultrasonic weld joint. A first plastic piece includes a series of ribs, each rib having generally horizontal top surface. A generally vertical section extends upward behind the ribs. A second plastic piece includes a generally horizontal sectio ...