Ian Van Wesenbeeck, Charles A Carn, John D Busacca, Phillip J Howard, John Dennis Lane, Michael D White, Anthony Weiss: Agricultural fumigation using a multilayer film including a PVDC vapor barrier. Dow AgroSciences, Carl D Corvin, Maschoff Brennan, October 24, 2017: US09795126

Methods for fumigating soil include applying over fumigant-treated soil a multilayer polymeric film to form a vapor barrier between the fumigant-treated soil and the atmosphere to at least partially contain the fumigant. The multilayer film includes at least one barrier layer comprising at least one ...

Rodney Curren, John Dennis Lane, Peter Leo Lane, Stephen James Parker: Handle attachment for flashlight to form baton. Brooks Kushman PC, September 14, 2006: US20060203472-A1

The present invention relates to a handle (10a) for attaching to a flashlight (8) to form a baton (6). The flashlight (8) is of the type comprising a switch (2) for activating the flashlight light. The handle (10a) comprises a handle body (20a), attachment means for attaching said handle body (20a) ...

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