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An electrical connector (100) for translating from a first plurality of interconnects (108) formed at a first pitch to a second plurality of interconnects (125) formed at a second pitch smaller than the first pitch comprises a first heat seal connector (105), which includes the first plurality of in ...


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An improved water sealing side key system for use in electronic device 24, such as but not limited to a mobile phone, and which provides for the construction of the seal assembly 21 as a rigid frame 29 and an elastomeric sealing material that allows for both a compressive and circumferential (perime ...

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An assembly includes a housing having a major face, a first minor face extending distally from a first side of the major face, and a second minor face extending distally from a second side of the major face. The major face, the first minor face, and the second minor face define an opening of the hou ...