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A field effect transistor in which a continuous semiconductor layer comprises: a) an organic semiconductor; and, b) an organic binder which has an inherent conductivity of less than 10−6Scm−1 and a permittivity at 1,000 Hz of less than 3.3 and a process for its production comprising: coating a subst ...

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An ink jet printer ink of the kind comprising a dispersion of a pigment in a non-aqueous diluent wherein the diluent is a single phase liquid comprising a major amount of aliphatic hydrocarbon and a minor amount of a polar component, comprising oleyl alcohol alone or in combination with a least one ...


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A dispersant comprising a polyethyleneimine residue carrying polyester chains derived from a caprolactone and at least one other specified lactone or hydroxycarboxylic acid.

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A composition of copper phthalocyanines containing, on average, from 0.1 to 3 methyl groups per phthalocyanine nucleus. The composition is suitable for the coloration of paints and plastics materials.

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A method of preparing a non-aqueous dispersion of CuPc which comprises milling crude CuPc in a high boiling liquid at a temperature from 50.degree. to 150.degree. C. in the presence of a polyester amine or polyesterammonium salt and a CuPc fluidising agent. Preferred polyesterammonium salt is obtain ...

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A paint comprising a film-forming resin, an organic liquid, a pigment and a dispersant of formula 1, including salts thereof (T-(O-A-CO)n(O-B-CO)mpZ wherein T is H or a polymerisation terminating group; A is C16-20-alkenylene; B is C10-20-alkylene; Z is the residue of a polyamine or polyimine; n is ...

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A composition comprising a plastics material, an inorganic particulate solid such as aluminium trihydrate and a coupling modified of formula A-(X—Y—CO)m(O—B—CO)nOH wherein A is a moiety containing a terminating ethylenic group with one or two adjacent carbonyl groups; X is a direct bond, O or N; Y i ...

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A dispersant for aqueous mill-bases obtainable by reacting a polyethylene glycol with a molar excess of a hydroxycarboxylic acid containing from 4 to 17 carbon atoms or lactone thereof and/or with a C.sub.3-4 -alkylene oxide to form a polymeric diol and phosphating the diol. The preferred hydroxycar ...

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A rheology modifier for solvent-based coatings which is a polyacrylic acid or a poly(C.sub.1-4)-alkyl acrylic acid wherein at least 30% of the --COOH groups are converted to ester and/or amide groups. Preferred compounds are esters of polyacrylic acid where about 50% of the --COOH groups are esterif ...