John D Ward: Hydraulic power equipment. Benoit Law Corporation, January 18, 1983: US04368775 (51 worldwide citation)

A liquid reservoir has a rectangular shell in which crossed first and second partitions form first, second, third and fourth rectangular liquid chambers. The partitions are impervious between the first and fourth chambers and apertured between the first and second, second and third, and third and fo ...

John D Ward: Cutting saw and concrete groover. Benoit Law Corporation, December 2, 1980: US04236356 (28 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for cutting material or grooving concrete has a housing including a curved top for partially accommodating one or more circular saw blades. The housing has a bottom having an opening permitting partial protrusion of the saw blade into cutting engagement with the material or concrete to ...

John D Ward: Earthquake restraint mechanism. Townsend and Townsend, September 17, 1991: US05048243 (20 worldwide citation)

An earthquake restraint mechanism helps to prevent the collapse of tilt-up style exterior wall panels (7, 64) of a building (17). The panels are coupled to one another at their abutting joints (16) through L-shaped brackets (18, 20, 68) mounted to the wall panels and restrainers (32, 66, 106) connec ...

Barney T Baldi, John D Ward: Pavement joint reworking apparatus. Diamond Tech, Townsend and Townsend, October 18, 1988: US04778304 (17 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for reworking pavement expansion joints by resizing the joint includes a frame having front and rear portions hinged to one another at a transverse pivot axis. The frame pushed along the pavement by a vehicle. The rear frame portion is supported by laterally positioned wheels and by a rear ...

Robert Alan Brittingham, John D Ward: Serpentine cooling circuit and method for cooling tip shroud. General Electric Company, Nixon & Vanderhye PC, March 30, 2010: US07686581 (13 worldwide citation)

A serpentine cooling circuit is formed in a gas turbine blade to cool portions of the tip shroud, primarily the fillet between the airfoil and the tip shroud and the shroud edges.

John D Ward: Machine rails and carriages. Benoit Law Corporation, January 22, 1980: US04184719 (12 worldwide citation)

A rail for a machine carriage has an elongate base plate and a pair of spaced supporting walls extending along and rising obliquely from the base plate and converging toward each other in a direction away from the base plate. A first lateral carriage track is located on top of and extends along one ...

John D Ward, Ralph E Benham: Power tool driving systems. Diamond Tech Incorporated, Benoit Law Corporation, August 4, 1998: US05788428 (7 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for cutting a workpiece with a cutting tool rotated relative to the workpiece by an electric drive motor and advanced in that workpiece by an electric tool advance. These methods and apparatus sense obstacles to cutting in the workpiece by sensing an increasing draw of electric ...

John D Ward: Retrofitting methods and retrofitted hydraulic drives. Benoit Law Corporation, April 13, 1982: US04324275 (6 worldwide citation)

A hydraulic drive is retrofitted with an on-off switching facility. To this end, a block is provided having a front portion fitting the drive at adjacent inlet and outlet openings and having a rear portion opposite the front portion. The block is provided with a first through-opening leading from th ...

Radu Ioan Danescu, John D Ward: Compliant seal for rotor slot. General Electric Company, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, July 10, 2012: US08215914 (2 worldwide citation)

A compliant seal assembly for sealing a gap between a dovetail tab of a bucket and a slot of a rotor. The compliant sealing assembly may include a sealing groove positioned about the slot and a compliant seal positioned about the sealing groove. The compliant seal is forced into the gap and about th ...

John D Ward, Omprakash Samudrala: Spring seal for turbine dovetail. General Electric Company, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, October 18, 2011: US08038405 (2 worldwide citation)

A spring seal system for a turbine dovetail tab. The spring seal system may include a sealing slot positioned about the tab and a spring seal positioned within the sealing slot. The spring seal may include a substantial ā€œUā€ shape.

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