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The present invention is remote control system including one or moree portable units and a base unit which employs identifiction codes for security. The operator preferably can select the identification code for the base unit, preferably via a process yielding a random number, with a provision for s ...

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Systems, methods and computer program products are provided for building and displaying dynamic graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that can be updated automatically without requiring code-level modification and recompiling. In response to a request to display a particular GUI on a computer display, an ...

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A firearm laser training system of the present invention includes a laser transmitter assembly, one or more actuable target assemblies each having a target, an interface unit and a computer system. The target assemblies raise and lower targets in accordance with control signals from the computer sys ...

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A firearm laser training system of the present invention includes a target having a plurality of zones, a laser transmitter assembly for projecting a laser beam, a sensing device and a processor. The sensing device scans the target to produce target images to detect laser beam or simulated projectil ...

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A direct digital-to-analog microwave frequency signal synthesizer device which employs both wideband and narrowband direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) circuitry to improve frequency and phase agility, reduce spurious performance, and minimize direct analog circuitry. A clock output having a ...

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A nonaqueous cell employing a liquid active cathode, such as thionyl chloride, and an anode, such as lithium, coated with a boron-containing surface film that will substantially prevent excessive anode passivation during storage or discharge of the cell.

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A firearm laser training system of the present invention includes a target assembly, a laser transmitter assembly that attaches to a firearm, a detection device and a processor in communication with the detection device. The system simulates targets at extended ranges and accounts for various enviro ...

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A tilt control mechanism for an office chair includes a spring arrangement which permits forward and rearward tilting of the chair while also urging the chair to a normal upright position. The spring arrangement includes front and rear springs which act in combination such that the upward acting for ...

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The present invention relates to latches, and in particular gravity latches. The latch comprises a housing which integrally mounts together with the latch a lock mechanism The latch can therefore be locked. The lock mechanism is such that the latch can also be locked in the open position.

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A video surveillance system is set up, calibrated, tasked, and operated. The system extracts video primitives and extracts event occurrences from the video primitives using event discriminators. The system can undertake a response, such as an alarm, based on extracted event occurrences.