Gary L Graunke, John Carbajal, Richard L Maliszewski, Carlos V Rozas: Method for securely distributing a conditional use private key to a trusted entity on a remote system. Intel Corporation, Steven P Skabrat, November 23, 1999: US05991399 (525 worldwide citation)

Secure distribution of a private key to a user's application program (also called a "trusted player" such as a DVD player or CD-ROM player) with conditional access based on verification of the trusted player's integrity and authenticity is provided. Once validated, the trusted player uses the privat ...

John Carbajal: Efficient encryption of image data. Hewlett Packard Development Company, Hewlett Packard Company, December 18, 2003: US20030231767-A1

A method for applying security to a data file comprising a content data portion; said method comprising: selecting at least one section of said content data portion; and applying at least one encryption algorithm to said at least one selected data section to obtain at least one encrypted data sectio ...

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