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An efficient process for the production of nitrogen from air using a fuel cell to provide both electrical power and an oxygen depleted gas stream to a liquefaction apparatus is disclosed. An apparatus for the production of nitrogen incorporating a fuel cell is also disclosed.

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A new type of electrochemical cell which can be used for generating electricity or in an electrolysis mode for producing gases such as hydrogen and oxygen comprises laterally spaced apart or side-by-side catalyst layers as electrodes with the gap between the catalyst layers being bridged by a solid ...

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A gaseous mixture of hydrogen and carbon dioxide is used as the fuel cell fuel or anode gas, and air is used as the oxidant or cathode gas in a nonalkaline fuel cell power plant. In feeding the fuel gas through the anode side of the fuel cell, hydrogen is removed during the electrochemical reaction ...

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The gas stream which emanates from landfills is treated to produce a purified gas which is essentially a hydrocarbon such as methane which can be used as the fuel source in a fuel cell power plant, or can be used in other power plants which use natural gas as a fuel. The landfill gas passes through ...

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The cell stack can be operated as a fuel cell stack or as an electrolysis cell stack. The stack consists of a series of alternate fuel cell subassemblies with intervening electrolysis cell subassemblies, and interspersed cooling plates. The water produced and consumed in the two modes of operation m ...

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The concentration of carbon monoxide in a gaseous medium is reduced by selective catalytic oxidation in the presence of gaseous oxygen by passing the gaseous medium through a catalyst capable of oxidizing carbon monoxide in an exothermic reaction at temperatures within a given temperature range and ...

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A thermally conductive caulk particularly suited for use in a phosphoric acid fuel cell is made by mixing graphite into a stable aqueous dispersion of polytetrafluoroethylene and fluorinated ethylene propylene such that the solids floc to form a paste. The paste is applied to the part to be caulked ...

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A seal structure 60 for a porous plate of an electrochemical cell, such as plates 18, 20, includes a sealing material disposed in a seal region 66 of the plate to form a hydrophilic barrier to gas with an electrolyte and a hydrophobic layer 62 to block the loss of electrolyte from the hydrophilic la ...

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A molten carbonate fuel cell electrolyte-matrix material and a molten carbonate fuel cell including such material are described. The electrolyte-matrix material comprises carbonate electrolytes in intimate combination with ceria matrix material. The electrolyte-matrix material shows substantially no ...

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A matrix for retaining the electrolyte in a fuel cell is applied to the surface of one or both of the electrodes by screen printing using an inking vehicle which is an aqueous solution of polyethylene oxide. This method produces a very thin, continuous and uniform matrix layer and is well suited to ...