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Methods and apparatuses including determining a calibration parameter associated with a detected analyte value, calibrating the analyte value based on the calibration parameter, and dynamically updating the calibration parameter are disclosed. Also provided are systems, kits, and computer program pr ...

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An automated chemical analyzer includes an automated conveyor apparatus for receiving a variety of sizes of test tubes, cuvettes, and sample tubes in a standard carrier member receivable into the analyzer. The standard carrier members may be interlocked in ranks and placed side by side in file to re ...


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An improved system (10) is provided for providing access to a sealed container (14) which temporarily provides an opening in the closures of the containers, and either removes contents, senses properties of the contents, or dispenses material into the container. In one embodiment, this system includ ...

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An improved and unique mixing technique particularly useful as part of the process for the clinical analysis of liquid biological samples is described. The sample is placed in a cuvette along with a reagent and a diluent. The top (opening) of the cuvette is squeezed (reduced in size) and an air jet ...

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Devices and methods for monitoring an analyte are provided. Embodiments include continuous analyte sensors having a high degree of accuracy.


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An air knife is positioned to direct a stream or blast of air across the tip of a sample probe as it is withdrawn from a cuvette containing a reagent, diluent, and patient sample solution. After the probe is flushed with diluent, the air knife drives any droplets of diluent fluid off the probe tip i ...

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A sample analyzer for analyzing the characteristics of a plurality of samples. The analyzer includes a movable sample support for holding samples arranged in a first plurality of holders in a sequence for movement in a first direction. An indexing drive for the sample support advances the sample sup ...