Yin Zhang, John C Crittenden, David W Hand, David L Perram: Method and apparatus for destroying organic compounds in fluid. Board of Control of Michigan Technology University, Michael Best & Friedrich, March 26, 1996: US05501801 (53 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the photocatalytic oxidation of organic contaminants in fluid includes a reactor and a photocatalyst affixed to support material. Preferably, the outer wall of the reactor is constructed of material transmissive of ultraviolet radiation. The support material preferably is transmissi ...

John C Crittenden, Sawang Notthakun, David W Hand, David L Perram: Regeneration of adsorbents using advanced oxidation. Board of Control of Michigan Technological University, Daniel H Bliss, January 26, 1993: US05182030 (9 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a method of purifying fluid having organic material. The method comprises two operational steps. The first step includes passing the fluid through an adsorbent such that the organic material is substantially adsorbed by the adsorbent and the fluid is substantially purified. ...

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