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Improved electrochromic devices result from the incorporation of novel polymeric electrolytes. The electrolytes are based upon copolymers prepared from vinyl monomers and acid-group-containing monomers.

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New additives in rubber compositions improve tire cord adhesion without need to use resorcinol. The new additives are derivatives of melamine, aceto guanamine, benzoguanamine, cyclohexylguanamine, and glycoluril, substituted with at least two vinyl-terminated radicals. Preferred compounds may also b ...

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A method of making a copolymer of meta- or para-isopropenyl- .alpha.,.alpha.-dimethylbenzylisocyanate and at least one other ethylenically unsaturated comonomer polymerizable therewith, comprising polymerizing the meta- or para-isopropenyl- .alpha.,.alpha.-dimethylbenzylisocyanate and at least one o ...


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An improved process for the synthesis of esters of 3,5,6-trichlorosalicylic acid in quantitative yield comprises reacting the acid with an alcohol under distillation conditions in the presence of a titanium ester or chelate catalyst, whereby byproduct ether formation from the alcohol is suppressed. ...

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Cellulose dissolved in a suitable solvent and added to an aqueous suspension of paper-making cellulose fibers provides paper of improved dry strength.